Great Works of Literature

By popular demand (i.e. that of myself, the great and coincidentially omnipotent Jweb Guru), a page for the many works of literature that have come pouring forth from my mouth, filled with the everflowing wisdom that I contain, has been duly created. Here we can see a pantomime goose, running in the wilderness with Homestar Runner. Stay tuned for updates to...

A sweet epic on the nature of the English language, and why it should not be abused. Examples of common errors and solutions thereof can also be found here. Expect this to be updated relatively frequently, as more material is brought to my attention.
The infamous Jweb Guru speaks about why he believes that people should not brag about their intelligence, except in self-mockery or in obvious, ridiculous immodesty that ammounts to much the same thing. The people to whom this applies should know who they are.
Many have rejoiced since the new server was acquired, saying that now that we had relatively unlimited memory it many of our problems with the creation of new pages would be solved. They are correct. What they are incorrect about is in ignoring the cluttering that such rampant creation creates... read on and discover why I'm so adament that everything be organized.

That's it for now, my dear fellow Wikiers. Read the essays and become aware of the various and sundry tidbits designed to help you lead a better, happier, far more content life here on the Homestar Runner Wiki.

Literature Comments