Your IQ Doesn't Matter

A Rant by Jweb Guru

It's a common scenario. One will be happily trundling along, looking at various personal pages, and possibly humming some sort of cheery tune, and he or she will see it. He or she will see someone, somewhere, make a boast about his or her intelligence. Or referencing the intelligence of others. Or, in extreme cases, posting his or her IQ on the page for everyone to see.

I'd really appreciate it if many users stopped comparing each other's intelligence. It's really not an issue, but making it one can be dangerous, both to the community and to the ones that focused upon it.

Firstly, people who believe that they are not intelligent are made to feel even worse about it when someone else augments his or her claims of personal superiority with the self-assured comment "I'm more intelligent than many people my age." Or some such. There are many young children here on the Wiki, and it's ridiculous to assume that these children will treat this as anything but either A) a challenge, or B) a putdown.

Secondly, anyone who makes this claim of superior intelligence had better be prepared to back it up. Regardless of who they are, there are some very intelligent people on this Wiki, as well as some anal-retentive ones, and both types will take every opportunity to put down the supposed intelligent one in any errors that he or she makes. Defending the title can become more important than the Wiki Spirit, in fact, if such a thing can be said to exist. Many of the most intelligent people on this site say absolutely nothing about it, because they believe it to be implicit.

This is not to say that people who say they are intelligent are in fact unintelligent. Some are intelligent, some are not. But please keep it to yourself, and allow the other users to find out about it over time. Releasing specific information, such as one's IQ, is particularly troublesome when either the party already knows that his or her IQ is lower, and feels dejected, or - possibly a considerably worse scenario - someone discovers that his or her IQ is higher than that of the supposed intelligent person. Again, smugness is all well and good, but it needn't be displayed.

I apologize for writing at such length on this, but I think that these words need to be said. Remember, please - the purpose of a Wiki is to bring together people of different strengths, and to make it a better place because of it. The purpose of a Wiki is not to make other people feel insignificant or unworthy. Sewiously, you guys. And with that, I conclude my little speech.

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