Hey everybody! I guess you can post clickable sub-pages here on topics you like talking about.
Heres one from me:/What you think of Homsar
Well, you guys aren't helping a lot so here's another one from me:/GameBoy ADVANCE SP

/What do you think of G.I.R.? -KuPo

..you do know we have a [Forum] for that, don't you? -- InterruptorJones

A forum for what? A forum for what you think of G.I.R., or a forum for clickables on topics you like to talk about?-Homsar Runner

Oh well, whatever the forum is for I don't exactly care, but here's yet another clickable from me!/Game and Watch

Yep here's another since you aren't contributing very much:/Crimson Room

Oh, and its follow up too:/Viridian Room

Okay, this is annoying! Why me? Can't any of you besides Kupo post something!?!?/20x6

PLEASE! POST SOMETHING! /Cool Pics of Homsar

Ok. i'm making a game! Ku-Er... I mean.. Jim!