Hey everybody! Remember those old LCD games? Well if you don't then this is where you can learn about them!-Homsar Runner


Ball. The game, I mean. You move the guys hands left and right to catch the balls. The display on the screen shows everything, not how many balls you normally juggle in the game. The first Game and Watch ever released. A true classic.-Homsar Runner


Yet another true classic called Fire. Very simple yet fun and highly addictive to me. Once again, the pic shows everything, not what it looks like being played. Fairly simple concept:Save the people from the death of burning up in the burning building, then save them from the greusome death of falling on the ground after jumping from up high by bouncing them with your saftey net into a waiting ambulance.-Homsar Runner


Not very good, but a Game and Watch nonetheless. Helmet. Just get your guy to the shed on the right, avoiding the falling tools. Once again, yep, you guessed it, the display here shows everything, not what it looks like being played. Everything I put on here is going to look like that, unless I say otherwise. Anyway, the game's pretty much just stuff like right, right, right, stop, right, right, stop, right, right, right.........Booooooooring!-Homsar Runner


I can't really say anything about this because I've never played it, but I know it's like a version of Simon Says, only it's the kind where you do it by memorizing, not the kind where you only do things after Simon Says to. Oh, by the way, it's called Flagman. -Homsar Runner


A very simple yet very fun classic called Judge. There's a countdown each character holds up a sign with a random number, you try to hit the other person if you have the higher number, or dodge the other person if you have the lower number. Really X500 easy to understand but fun!-Homsar Runner


A nice little classic called Lion in which you control two lion tamers trying to keep two (or three, if you play on hard, also called Game B) lions inside a cage. Simple yet quite difficult and fun!-Homsar Runner


Another classic called Manhole. People walk along the street but the manholes have no covers. You must move about in the sewers to cover up the holes and stop the people falling down.-Homsar Runner


This line is getting a little repetitive, but I'll use it again:A nice little classic in where you catch the parachutests jumping from the helicopter/plane so they don't fall in the sea (and get eaten up by the shark below). By the way, it's called Parachute. Kind of obvious, though.-Homsar Runner

Another true classic in which divers have to avoid an octupus's tentacles while searching for sunken treasure, then bringing it back to their ship, and doing it all over again. It's called Octupus. I can't show a picture because I can't find one.-Homsar Runner


This one's called Turtle Bridge. I really like it, but most people when told to explain it would probably say: "Left, right, jump. Right, left, jump. Left, right, jump. Right, left, jump. Left, right, jump. Right, left, jump. boring, boring, boring."-Homsar Runner


Called Tropical Fish, this one is very fun and HIGHLY (intentional caps) addictive. Simply put, just catch the fish in your fishbowl and get them to the tank without letting them fall on the floor. Or else the hungry cat gets a gourmet breakfast/lunch/dinner/brunch/or whatever. Fun, fun, fun, fun!-Homsar Runner


Help Popeye catch food thrown into his boat by Olive Oyl (and in Game B watch out for Brutus). Somewhat addictive.


Another classic of the name Super Mario Bros., but nowhere near as much fun as the NES game of the same name. Just meaningless jumping on platforms while the screen scrolled.-Homsar Runner


Well, this one is fun but kinda bland. The name is Chef, but the modern version of it (in Game and Watch Gallery 2 and 4) is much, much, MUCH better, but the original deserves respect too.-Homsar Runner


Snoopy Tennis. His game can only be described as one word:Boring. Just help Snoopy save some bottles by hitting a bunch of tennis balls. Pointless game, but a Game and Watch nonetheless.-Homsar Runner


In Climber you climb upwards, avoiding walking bricks(!) and flying birds. At the end of each level there's a big bird that youĞre supposed to catch to take you to the next level. The fault with Climber is that it's quite a good game. Game&Watches aren't supposed to be this good. The sound is great, the graphics are good and gameplay is varied. Not exactly what your favourite G&W is supposed to be...-Homsar Runner


Help Mickey Mouse catch the eggs before they fall to the ground? No way. This game Sucks.-Homsar Runner