I think it's sooooooooooooo overrated. Anyway, it's cool when it looks like the NES though. I should get that kind, but I don't have the money.-Homsar Runner

In my opinion, it's the best yet. I've had EVERY version since the thing came out in '89, and hands down, the SP is the BEST out of all of 'em.
And the NES one does rock. ~ AgentSeethroo

True dat, brudda. -KuPo

Wellllllllllll... I suppose it is KINDA okay, but I still have a regular /GameBoy ADVANCE and I think that it doesn't really look horrible next to the SP, just a little on the big side, if you know what I mean. P.S. Hey AgentSeethroo! do you have a /VirtualBoy? If not, then technically you don't have all of them.-Homsar Runner

I have all of em, excluding Game & Watch. Here they are(!):

Beat that! -KP

Oh yeah? Well I got alla the above...and I bought them with my OWN money! Beat THAT!
But seriously, you don't have all the gameboys unless you gots the "play it loud" stupid one. I got that one, it was seethroo.


I payed for them with my own $, kay? But yeah, I don't have the "weird" Game Boy. Actually, I've never seen one at a Pawn Shop (where I get lots of cool stuff cheap, such as two Gamecubes, working perfectly and with all the cables, for $40. Cool, eh?) -KP

I got lucky and came across an old atari 2600 with 30 games that were still in the boxes and whatnot...talk about a FIND! I wonder how much money that would bring in....
*starts daydreaming of dancing money signs*

Yeah? Well, I got a Top loading NES! Do you have that? HUH? HUH? Beat THAT!-Homsar Runner
nintendo2.jpg- NES, Zapper, NES Advantage, Two controllers. And NES (Duh!).
topload.jpg- Top-loading NES. And one controller (Duh!).
Yeah... Even though it doesn't count, I don't have a top loading NES... BUT, I am making an [NES PC], which is a PC inside an NES (emulation, baby!). -KP

Truly you do not know what classic means. Check this out:

Atari 2600 (1)
NES (control deck, and original)
SNES (Original)
Sega genesis
N64 with expansion
Japanese playstation
Gamecube (black)
Game Boy
Game Boy Pocket
Game Boy Color (teal and purple)
Game Boy Advance (silver)
Game Boy Advance SP (silver and red)

beat that. cubeboy

I was about to get an Atari 5200, but it was too much. Anyway, all my consoles:

And a lot of FamiClones.

they keep getting better and better. I forgot my 2 dreamcasts though. congrats K-P.

Ditto to you, QBoi