I am very pleased and impressed with your determination to right the injustices done to The Paper. Keep up the good work!
-The Brothers E

Well, I wanted to contribute. That was the first thing I saw that could use work. If there is anything else that can be done please let me know, I have nothing better to do while at work!

Hobo, I saw your note there on StrongBadEmail/local news/Comments and just want to tell you that I fixed it. What we usually do is make the subpages like this ((/Comments|User Comments)) so the page is really called "Comments" but shows up as "User Comments". Hey, and thanks for asking, it shows you care. -- Tom

ah, I understand. -Hobophobic

You are the MAN! Way to go on the "T's" and "E's!"
-The Brothers E

Thanks! -Hobo

Hobo, thanks for adding that IP address to the WikiTroll page. I was gonna but I was distracted for a couple minutes. Thanks. DeLoreanz1

The pleasure was all mine. Honestly, it was great. -- Hobo

I got one on May 27th for deleting the whole HomestarRunnerWiki main page. It was my first, and we both went after that one IP and fixed Strong Bad Emails. That was quite inappropriate. I like to watch the RecentChanges to make the admins' jobs a little easier. BTW, have you looked at my UserSpace? You should check it out. DeLoreanz1

will do! I should probably do something with this place. its pretty much a mess. -Hobo

I'll help you. DeLoreanz1

Right on. I gotta think of what I want to do first though. --Hobo

Hi. - FireBird

No one edited the CE5 page. yet. I just wanted to put a little somethin' so no one gets any ideas. - AgentSeethroo

Did you look in the history of his page? It's pretty funny. --Hobophobic

Yeah I know! It's like "I H8 U!"'; Don't edit this; leave this page alone; don't touch this page; fixed; tweaked; leave this page alone - AgentSeethroo

All I have to say is mytmname i skenmf oX0r!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ ypou ahve been banned in Teh hometsar runner wIki, bewcuz you ca7l me a fX0r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ x-(. Can anyone interpret this? I'm rather lost... --Hobophobic

Hey there all you peoples!! Get on down to my user page and vote on what my new name should be!--(Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingdingworth)? (yeah. ya get my point?)

I am very impressed by your determination on this wiki. You've done alot in the little time you've been here. You would seem like a good administratior for something. - FireBird
Wow, thanks! That means alot. I'm not really sure what to say... Thanks!! --

Well, I see that you have somewhat organized this page...Good job! The Organizing Time Machine

And, thanks for helping with my friends page. I was gonna add you to it anyway, but you did first. I need to change it so it's like the comment's coming from me, cause that would make the others make little sense. Some Time Machine that has Friends