Perhaps it was a computer virus, a dragon from an old Atari game, or a girl. The legend of fhqwhgads began when Strong Bad answered an email with the "I love you" virus, with the crappy fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf techical-programming crap at the bottom (see the Strong Bad Email I Love You). Strong Bad interpreted this as the "writer's" name, and shorted it to fhqwhgads. Later, he wrote a song about her/him, with an awesome music video. (see Everybody to the Limit) In the video, fhqwhgads is represented as the dragon from the Atari game "Adventure" (see also: Atari Dragon).

Strong Bad gives Homestar Runner, Coach Z and Strong Mad a lesson in pronouncing fhqwhgads in an easter egg at the end of the Strong Bad Email Sibbie. The correct pronunciation is fah-HO-gwah-gahds.

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I don't think fhqwhgads is any kind of programming. Most of the letters in that name are right next to each other on the keyboard. F is near H, Q is next to W, H is next to G and near A, D, and S. Most of the letters in fhqwhgads' full name follow the same pattern. It looks like somebody was just banging on the keyboard. - Aaronak

fhqwhgads is the best word since bread.

Agreed :P

It does not fit the pattern of the I Love You virus, either. Somebody sent the message deliberately. --furrykef

It's more of a duck *Remember Main Page 13?* "Somebody get this Freakin Duck away from me!!!! -Strong Bad" --Mr. Depressio