My name is Ryan. I've been going to for about 2 years. I am very excited i found this site. the only hr fansite i have been to was But sence this site is a wiki, this is the best hr site. I also go to That was my first wiki experience. Darn i love wikis!

One of the WikiRules is you can't cuss. I changed the cuss word to darn.
We all know what it was, don't we? - The Conductor

Though there are no actuall rules, we still would like to keep it clean, and I'll just delete it anyway. - FireBird

WELCOME TO THE WIKI! Homesar Wannabe I'm 224! You shanked my Jenga ship!!

whoops, sorry guys. I promise to never cuss again! - Droffats

Well, there are some guidelines we'd like Wiki members to follow...check out "Is this your first time here?" for information useful to any new WikiUser.
Anyways, welcome to the wiki! Have fun and thanks for helping out!

Does anyone know what the Ryan S. means on the "General Tao's Chicken" thing in the theme park email? - Droffats