These are points, like Hagurumon's HaguruPoints, that you can earn by being a big contributor on the Wiki, helping with stuff, etc.

The names with the numbers beside them are the point recipients and their point count. A hundred points means you win this time. Then we'll have DeLoreAwards where points don't matter.

Hagurumon 10
Hobophobic 10

More l8r!


Wow! You totally got an idea from me! That adds about 1 popularity point to me. Cool! Did you give me 10 points for coming up with that idea? Or was it something else, like my RPG? -Hagurumon

Part was for coming to me with your dreams. That was about three points. The other part was the RPG! You were right!

You ever watch whose line is it anyway DeLoreanz1? fhq

No, I don't like it. Really. I don't. I'll stop at this before I say something I shouldn't. DeLore-No-I-Don't

What would be worth points? -The Guy Named After a Digimon