Hey, heres some strong bad email ideas - hehehomestar

Hey strong bad!
are there any other ladies in Free Country USA?

ill try to think of more
if you want to email any of theese, just add the name mark

Yo! What hsppened to your website??? with the whole penguin smasher and all??? that was AWESOME! AgentSeethroo

I removed Penguin smasher becuase of "lack of intrest" obviously the intrest is back! Im working on it right now!
---Clever Dan

Okay dude its back, because of you http://home.earthlink.net/~mrdrama2007/flash/penguin.htm --Clever Dan

I think the lack of intrest was because it could be found all over the internet. Just on a guess, Half of the results from a Google for "pingu" would be something related to that. There are some really neat modifications people have made on that, as well as several other games (sequels?) that play a lot differently. -War129

yes tis true.
ps. im tottally revamped my site check it out now! http://home.earthlink.net/~mrdrama2007 --Clever Dan

Pingu Throw! I played that game for about 2 hours on [Albino Blacksheep]. there's a bloody version as well... Not really as fun. -TheBigKnife Haha, I forget, who's computer was it who had that security thing and removed words? It removed 'blood' from my post.

man. I love that game...I wanna beat that high score you had posted....oh yeah. AgentSeethroo

id like to tell you that it was possible but i'd be lying. me and a friend from my church were trying to outdo each other and it pretty much became a photoshop screen capture conest where we edited the numbers to be insane scores. my highest real score is 588.8 ---Clever Dan

I got 593.5!!! Woo! TheBigKnife

Well look who thinks he's "Clever Dan"?
- Mysterious-Stranger

I think i'm Clever Dan thank you very much Clever Dan

It was a joke, man. An irony. BASICALLY WHERE YOUR NAME CAME FROM.
- Mysterious-Stranger

oh, um look who thinks hes Retard Dan