Alright, who Tallandmercilessified this page? this cannot be tallandmercilessiified

How did you get that download file onto this Userspace because I want to get the Hip Hop dance file onto mine so you can download it at will Da Bee

I have no idea what you just said. - CE1

Well, you have the Cheat Commandos theme on your userspace for download. Well, I have Coach Z's Hip Hop dance but I dont understand how to upload it to my userspace for download, and I thought that you might know since you got the Cheat Commandos theme on your userspace. - Da Bee

I've been a civilian since I got here, and this question may seem stupid and ignorant, but if I join the army, what do I have to do? DeLoreanz1

Ahem. If you join the army, you will get a special rank, since you're filling up a gap and making it so the blacksmith can make armor. You have do help destroy Steve Badia, where SteveBad lives. We are in a discussion though, that maybe we should try to take out AgentNine first, though. Please join, we're cool and our name doesm't copy anyone such as:

AgentNine's Homestarmy=The Homestarmy
SteveBad's Stevebadian Army=Strongbadian Army
CE1's Red Assassins=CE1's Red Assassins.

As you can see, we don't copy other people. Plus, we got cool soldier icons. Oh, yeah, and thanks for changing that link to CE1. - CE1

Well....I will join. But I have an idea. Could I serve a dual purpose, being a blacksmith AND a researcher? I could help with stuff-and-stuff and I think I've watched BTTF3 one time too many...DeLoreanz1

Umm...CE1, I see that you edited my userspace, but i don't see a change of any sort. What was the change? -- AwesomeGuy

What he did was copied all the text in your userspace, then deleted it, then restored it, then added your text back. Because if you don't do that, then you'll have "See All Changes (401 Entries)" on your history page. But it's not trolling. DeLoreanz1

What I was getting at was I wanted to be a researcher AND a full-on blacksmith, not like a helper. That's why I said I'd watched BTTF3 too much. DeLoreanz1

Nelson339's already a Researcher, so you can take that off your list, blacksmith has nothing fun. If your the blacksmith, you can't fight. Plus, like listed on the blacksmith's page, he's out of resources and isn't getting another shipment until the 19th, so their will be nothin' to do. And helper means you'll take over for him sometimes, the guy needs a break. - CE1

Well....all right. Do I get a weapon for self-defense? So do we go with the original combo of Spy and Helper? That's good. Okay.

Yep! Two extra weapons of your choice since your filling up the gap! Thank you for joining. - CE1

Stevebad is my friend! Don't destroy his town and army! Go after the homestarmy instead! -Nelson339

CE1, you've been working on all this stuff on your userspace, and you've forgotten TO GIVE MORE CLUES AS TO WHO SHOT YOU IN MY COMMENTS SECTION! Ooh, broke an internet etiquette law. -Tranquiliz'd!

I wanted to be some kind of elite guard in your army (with a double ended electrified pike)
Da Bee

Well, we don't need guards, I told you already. And the pike? You joined a little late for a weapon that strong. Not being to be mean or anything, but if you wanna get that rank, go to the academy and go in the training facility.
Well, if you have any questions, ask away. ~ CE1

I'll do just that - bee

If no one takes the reasearcher gap, I will. DeLoreanz1

Thanks for the pic, CE1! -- DragonDoom5

You're welcome, DragonDoom5. - CE1

On my userpage, you me told not to un-reject something without asking someone. I have no idea what you mean. If you're talking about that Balding Man incident, that was an accident.-He who shall remain nameless on this page

What could I be for the army? I think you need some more ranks. -Hagurumon

Oh, sure. I just returned from a trip, so I'm back. - CE1

Well, it seems as though you all could use some publicity. We'll get on the job of advertising for the Red Assassins! -The caring folks at Cats Inc.