Bwahaha! 29! Not lying! -TheBigKnife

Around 30-ish. It's not hard, as long as you double/triple-click everything. --Upsilon

I know no one is going to believe me. But, by using the press "tab" and "enter" trick I scored around 103. I neglected to take a screen shot though. Maybe when I get home I will do it again. -Stu

Interesting.. just clicking the orange slice increases your score. So when you see an orange, click it madly before it disappears. I got up to 70 playing this way.

Woah... and I thought I was special...

) here's a pic, couldn't get 103, but this was only my second shot... :) -Stu

I got 51! yeah! TCIND
a strange glitch occured and I was given 35 seconds and the screen filled up with food items

I can't get over 22 without ceating. It's so annoying. I keep trying, but I just can't. --Clever Danielle

I've gotten 103 before, but without cheating in anyway, I got up to 37. -Clever Dan