Now hang on there, AgentNine. I just saw your note that you are "gonna have a normal UserSpace again." At the time that I am writing this message, you have one hundred three subpages. You also have twenty-four subpages of your old Agent9 page, which you still have not fixed/removed. Does this mean that you are going to delete all of these subpages? And finally finish converting to your new user name? If you are not going to use those subpages, I will be happy to delete them all for you. -- Tom

I'm finding a way to put them on here without having a mess as we speak. --AgentNine

Oh yeah, and I usually delete my old name if i come across it on a page I'm brwosing thorugh so i'm working on it. --AgentNine

Yo, AgentNine! I think I has the solution! I found this cool thing that lets you run a personal Wiki on your computer. I believe you can even serve it to the net, if you do it right. I just downloaded it today, and its pretty cool. -JamesGecko

I'mso ThIrStY...--AgentNine

Here's a glass of water:
|      |
|      |
|      |
|      |
|      |


Here's some Technochocolate:
|               |

That stuff's a prettypretty good! -Shopiom

I will now write a song about AgentNine:
I got mad at AgentNine UH!
Um, well actually I didn't UH!
So, I don't know why I wrote that
I guess because I'm weird
Does this mean that you're dead?
AgentNine may be dead
I'm not glad that he is dead
AgentNine may be dead
Nobody: Dead!
I'm not glad that he is dead
JestersOfTheMoon: Dead!
Just the claps! Just the claps!
Hey, JestersOfTheMoon, I didn't know you had any rythm
JestersOfTheMoon: Oh sure, I've got tons of rythm!
-Shopiom (This is my tribute to AgentNine!)

Here's some technowater:
|      |

I am not deeaeaeaead. Aren't you so glad that I am not dead? --AgentNine

technowater! (lightswitch noises) dododododododo technowater! (lightswitch noises) dododododododo technowater! (lightswitch noises) dododododododo -Crap

Hey, AgentNine, You came in time for me to leave... I don't think I should be on this wiki...You guys know a lot of html and I barely know any. I spend too much time playing guitar and violin...Bye guys! - Nobody

Yay! AgentNine is back! :-) I missed you, man! Now for one question: where the crap were you all this time? AgentNine is alive UH! I'm so glad that he's alive! AgentNine is alive UH! I'm so glad that he's alive! -Shopiom says: Welcome back, AgentNine!

AgentNine, you need to move your old Homestarmy Page -- Nobody

Go back to the old way agentnine, due to in search of the mello yello part 2, for real! -Nelson339

Okay AgentNine, here's the scoop. I've been getting on people's case about fixing their links to their old UserSpace. There are still sixty-two pages with at least one link to your old Agent9 page. And there's still twenty-three subpages over there too that need to be taken care off. If you email me, I can easily provide you with a list of the subpages of your old UserSpace that remain so that you can delete them. (I wouldn't want to create more work for you by putting links to them here.) I can even help with finding pages that have the old Agent9 links on them. How's about that for a sweet deal? (And then there's the one hundred six subpages of AgentNine that need to be taken care of. Most of them aren't linked to.) -- Tom

He could just go back to the old way. -Nelson339

Excuse me? What old way? Do you mean go back to being Agent9? Then he would have to delete those one hundred six subpages of AgentNine, and correct the fifty-five pages with at least one link to the AgentNine page. He's the one who wanted to go through the trouble of doing all of this, and I never really figured out why. (Actually, I do know why he changed it, and it is really unbelievable. He didn't like having to type "((Agent9))" since it was ten key strokes, so he switched to "AgentNine" since it was only nine. Crazy, huh?) -- Tom

I think what Nelson meant is that AgentNine should go back to the Toons Games Characters deal. I agree with him! -Shopiom

Okay, Shopiom. You're right, I really don't know what Nelson is talking about. If he's talking about what you suggest though, I ask this: what would that fix? -- Tom

His Toons Games Characters userspace was fun! I mean, look at this lame userspace. Also, he wouldn't have to delete any subpages.-Shopiom

That's not answering my question. Being "fun" does not fix the pages that don't have any links to them. He still would have to delete subpages. He's got twenty-three subpages of Agent9 that will be deleted. And seriously, don't you think have one hundred six subpages is a bit excessive? -- Tom

Hmmm. I guess. -Shopiom

Wow! You gave me my own movie company! Shopiom Productions! Just rolls off the tongue! -Shopiom Productions presents: Shopiom!

I am at my Dad's and I'm not aloud on the computer as much there. I have my own at my mom's know. Plus my dad hates homestar runner (he HEARD one toon he didn't see it.) --AgentNine

Must suck having your parents divorced. -Shopiom

If you're gonna not be on the wiki, could you at least go on AIM sometimes? Or, are you still at your father's house? -A questionable Shoppy

We regret to inform you that you are overdue for in search of the mello-yello, part 2. We need $2000 dollars due to this before you start editing documents again. We are real and not doing this just for a Cruis'n Excotica machine.

No Loafing,and some other people
who aren't scam artists.