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yeah, yeah, jigga wha? holla at yo boy, da jiggaman is in da house fo sho.

shut up --TzaMan
man, dont nobody tell da jiggaman to shut up. --jiggaman

Don't swear, dawg. - FireBird

i cant say ***. my bad. - jiggaman

Seriously. Though their are no specific rules that say you can't, we've got some ten year olds here, and we need to think about them, too. And, if I see it, I will delete it. And please don't use internet shorthand. - FireBird, just trying to keep things clean around here.

He isn't using internet shorthand. He's using "rappa" slang. That's even worse, in my book. And that username should be banned, as it's another term for {EXPLETIVE DELETED}. -- JestersOfTheMoon

I definently agree that this User Name needs to disappear very quickly.

What is wrong with his/her user name? Just cuz you dont like rap doesnt mean you have the right to censor it! --TzaMan

His name isnt refering to anything except the nickname of a rap artist. --TzaMan

woah. kick me off. dat aint right. cmon, i love h*r as much as you guys. jus cus you guys dont know who da jiggaman is (hove, young, JAY-Z) no reason to limit my use of this website. besides, you can say...uhh... the other word for donkey... on tv, and 10 bucks says that kids are hearing much worse than that elsewhere. besides, wat kind of cracka *** website are you guys runnin around here.
p.s. thanks TzaMan --Jiggaman

A website with young people. -- JestersOfTheMoon

watever, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. as the famous Roman author and politician, Cicero, said, "Suum Cuique" which is translated into, "To each his own." However, that is not a sufficient enough reason to kick me off. in other words: dont hate me, dont fade me, cuz you aint me. -- Jiggaman

True, kids hear much worse in other places (like school, unfortunately; just listen to hallway conversation), but I think I can safely say: We don't want this to turn into something horrid and vulgar. There are already enough places on the internet that are trash (*cough*AOL.com*cough*MSN.com*cough), and this does not need to be one of them. Be careful choosing who you argue with because they could be an admin. Also, anyone has the right to censor anything here. It's a wiki. for those who are not educated enough to read that paragraph: Foul language = anywhere but here. Arguing = bad. -FancyMan

ok, ok fine censor me. but you sure as **** cant kick me off just cause i said one "bad" word and you think that the name jiggaman is offensive. ok, fine you guys dont like me, but you cant just kick me off just for that. and besides, i think that you should be able to say ***, but thats just my opinion. -- Jiggaman

We don't want to kick you off, just change your name. -- Exasperated

Dude, there are rules for a reason. Just follow them. And, Yes, you can be banned for profanity.
I'm not against you at all, I'm just saying the rules aren't hard to follow. ~ AgentSeethroo

The name is only offensive if you want it to be. It doesn't have to go anywhere. Leave him alone.

I agree. His only offence is profanity. His name isn't even an issue. His name is referring to Jayzee. You guys are [being uptight], and you're making the rest of the WikiUsers look bad.

Yay!!!!! Finally people that understand the enigma that is da jiggaman!!! i feel so loved!!! -- Jiggaman

Jay-Z is overrated anyway. --TzaMan

Rap is overrated... Anyway, if I were you, I'd delete this nonsense. -- JestersOfTheMoon

well... i jay-z is still da man, but i guess people do make him out to be godlike. anyways rap is cool but rock is better. --jiggaman

If rock is better than rap, they why did you take the name of a rapper? Also, rock is not better than rap. --TzaMan

How can you say rock is not better than rap? You're comparing two entirely different mediums. Rap is bad poetry with drumbeats. Rock is actual music. -- Gemini

i dont know. when i signed up for wiki, this was the first thing that came into my head, and it just stuck. also, rock is better than rap. -- jiggaman

Rap has tight beats and some tight lyrics (not all), while Rock is just the riff of a guitar with some long-haired loser crying about his horrible life. --TzaMan

no, no, no. youre thinking about EMO. that doesnt necessarily represent all of rock. Rock has tight riffs and baselines while some long haired, short haired, and/or bald guy screams about many different things. plus, i can sum up a lot of rap in 2 statements: bling-bling, and poppin' caps. --jiggaman

I dont know what EMO is, but you are way off about rap. You are forgeting the major role women play in rap. (I cant go into further detail without being censored the way you were) --TzaMan

EMO is emotional rock, like Weezer or The Alkaline Trio. and yeah you are right uh..."loose women" are a big part of rap too. im terribly sorry that i forgot that. --jiggaman

What other types of rock are there besides EMO? --TzaMan

punk rock, grunge, classic rock, heavy metal, christian rock, goth rock, and more. not to mention the sub-categories within all of these types of rock. --jiggaman

Don't forget hardcore and ska! - AgentSeethroo

wait, isnt hardcore the same as metal? i did forget to add ska, though. if theres anything else i forgot to add, feel free to write it down. --jiggaman

Ska is teh rule. Metal is basically the angrier side of rock'n roll ie; Judas Priest or Slipknot. Hardcore is the angrier side of punk, like Sick of it All (NYHC) or Raised Fist. And ska is teh rule. Listen to Catch 22. --Hobophobic

well punk has many different sides like grunge, hardcore (which id generally just called "punk"), skate punk (i.e pop punk), crap punk (bubblegum punk), christian punk, and more. --jiggaman