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Gateway to email The Brothers Chaps or read the FAQ or Store Questions.
"Email Menu - It's maybe just for e-mail againymore!"

Three letters pop up. Click on the first to e-mail The Brothers Chaps. The address on the envelope is:
The Brothers Chaps
email the creators
of Homestar, RNR 30307

The second takes you to Store Questions. The return address is:
5 Lunchtime Station
Marylog, OP 2x2x2

The third takes you to the FAQ, where Strong Bad interjects commentary about your question choices. The return address is:
Gent Delabor
403 Figgis St.
Mundelow, PA 80808

Click here to go to /FrequentlyAskedQuestions?

Lastly, if you click on the Strong Bad sticker on the front of the mailbox, Strong Bad's Message Bored pops up.

The stickers of Strong Bad's head come from an [old error message].

=== [Go there] ===

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