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Sun, 09 May 2004 02:04:48 . . . . SBZ22

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I seem to come and go dropping bits and pieces of info to this site whenever I get the time, which sadly isn't too often. I did unintentionally start the fun facts in the easter egg section of all the strong bad emails. Just threw out a few I had remembered from finding ages ago. I come back a few months later and fun facts are all over this wiki. Who would have thought I could have started something, much less on the web.

Anyhow I got into homestarrunner.com like many others via the strong bad emails. A friend of mine showed me the techno episode and I was hooked. Though the dragon episode has to stay my favorite. Trogdor is simply one of the greatest characters ever created. The site is great and I have quickly become addicted to it. I might need to check myself into some sort of homerstarrunner rehab, but I am doing ok for now :-P

If you by for some odd reason came here were looking for personal info on me you will be sadly disappointed. I don't like to give that out where tons of people can see it. Never know what psycho might be looking at this. Nothing personal, it is just how I am.

--By the way, please forgive my spelling in advance, I know it is atrocious.--

If you feel like commenting please do so after the beep ... I mean the line.


You spelled both "psycho" and "atrocious" correctly. So far I'm pretty impressed by your spelling. -- InterruptorJones

AgentSeethroo is a psycho!!! -- AgentSeethroo

Never woulda guessed.=]- SBZ22

Psycho was a good movie, but the book was better. - DarkLordNache