H*R made me want to learn Flash. See website above for results so far.
I have decided to maintain a visual catalog of Strong Bad's Floppy Disk Holder on this page of the wiki, to compliment Tom's text documentation.

I am a [Fark] photoshopper, and have used H*R in several pieces. Here is my favorite:


Here is my interpretation of the Trogdor song:

http://www.z7q2.com/fark/2003/may/0501.mp3 1.6 Megs, 1:45 - Featuring Kevin Gilbert's "Things She Said" with vocals by [Mooglelally].

And here is a capture showing Strong Mad's Black Flag tattoo:


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haha, I love that Trogdor interpretation! You have to send that in to TBC! -- Gemini
Thank you very much. The trogdor song was one of many entered in [this Fark AudioEdit contest] - which was the second Fark Audioedit contest in it's history. It is said that TBC follow Fark's commentaries on their work so I am reasonably sure they have heard it already.