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Hello, Agnamaracs. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the wiki. - CE1

Thanks. Glad to see there's other people here who can't sleep very well. - agnamaracs

[Copied from StrongBadEmail:] (We try to keep the information pages strictly information. It's a work in progress.)

(Responding to Tom's summary comment, re "my scriggities": [Hm. Been over this. We'd really like some evidence. (Fun: google "mostriguty")])

I would really like some evidence that "mostriguty" is a valid term. - agnamaracs

Uh... I'll give it to you right after you give me some evidence that it's really "my scriggities" ? And is "scriggities" a valid term? -- Tom

Well, "scriggities" would be short for "scriggity-scroll buttons," which sounds like it comes from a rap song (to quote Kris Kross: "'Cause I'm the miggity-miggity-miggity-miggity-mack daddy, the miggity-miggity-miggity-miggity-mack"). Though he wasn't actually rapping in that version, it wouldn't be uncommon for him to say "scriggities" in casual conversation; just listen to Snoop Dogg's conversational patterns shortly before he reportedly "overdosed" (his own words) on "izzle" and "shizzle" and so forth. (Plus, I recall falsely remembering Strong Bad rapping "scriggity-scroll buttons" in a previous version.)

So, to answer your question: no, it's not a "valid" term, but it sounds like a Strong Bad term. As for evidence, I can't really offer any unless someone saved that version. (And even then, it would probably be disputed.) I haven't changed it back in the page as I don't want to start any sort of feud, but I still believe it is "my scriggities." - agnamaracs

I understand your position in looking for a better word there. I like how you presented your information. However, I can't really say for sure I remember what Strong Bad said or how he said it. Have you ever personally heard that email rap? I was kind of half-heartedly poking fun at your request for evidence of "mostriguty" being a valid term when I asked you if "scriggities" was. Also, there were some pretty interesting raps there for a while until someone dug up that mirror site and we were able to fix them. It astonished quite a few of us. Regarding changing the page back to your version, I'll leave it at this: If on a scale from one to ten in terms of confidence you can give "my scriggites" a six or better, then by all means change it back. I'm not at that level of confidence for "mostriguty". And welcome to the Wiki. -- Tom

Congratulations! You've defeated Sir Tom!
Welcome! ~ AgentSeethroo

Thanks! I'm honored. Oh, and my question about "mostriguty" being a valid term came from your original request for evidence, so I guess one "good" turn deserved another... as for "scriggities," I'm pretty confident. (I definitely remember that one, but as I said, the actual "scriggity-scroll buttons" one probably doesn't exist.) Anyway, thanks for understanding and for the warm welcome! - agnamaracs