This is my text adventure. It's a work in process. You are Strong Bad. It's a little different from other text adventures. All of the choices will be on the page. Simply scroll down to find your choice. -CE5

Page 1

You wake up and you see Strong Mad hanging from the ceiling. Do you,

To Ignore him, go to Page 2
Tell him to get down, go to Page 3
Or tell Dumpface to tell him to get down, go to page 4

Page 2

You walk on by. You walk up to the Compy 386 to check your email. Do you,
Answer it, go to page 5
Kinda answer it, go to page 6
Sorta answer it, go to page 7

Page 3

You ask him to get down and get knocked into next week. Start over.

Page 4

Strong Sad asks him to get down and gets knocked into next week. But there's no harm done, (To you, anyway). You walk up to the Compy,
To answer it, go to the next page
To kinda answer it, go to page 6
To sorta answer it, go to page 7

Page 5

You answer your email. It says the following:

Dear Strong Bad,

Where does The Cheat come from? Are there more there?

Al Sharpton,
Macon, GA

To answer it, go to page 8
To Delete it, go to page 9

Page 6

The Email reads as follows:

d(@ sb

how do u tip w/boxing glovs on?????????????

ur stoopid jodawg

To answer it, go to page 10

To delete it, go to page 11

Page 7

The email reads as follows:

Dear Strong Bad,

I think that Homestar planned out the whole "stupid stuff" incident to get back at you for killing Benedetto. He knew that it would leave you so agitated that you would slap The Cheat, whom he knew was coming. He had it all planned out.


STRONG BAD: What?! Homestar can remember back that far? He can form strategy? {Sounding nervous} Digga-digga-Dele-{Sounds delirious} feeling... inferior... to... Homestar...

{He passes out on the keyboard.}

Great job. Now Strong Bad needs about 4 months of psycological therapy for this. Start over.

Page 8

STRONG BAD: Jeez, you people ask this too much! Okay, I'm going to forward this one to The Cheat. Happy? {Alters it so it looks like it's for The Cheat, then sends it.}

THE CHEAT: {Reads email} Well, Al Sharper, I come from an island. I've only told one other person the full story, and he wrote it here. Now I'm going to Strong Bad's house.

You have walked out and noticed that Strong Mad is running down the hall toward you. The Cheat walks into the room. What do you do?

To grab The Cheat, go to page 12.

To try to reason with Strong Mad, go to page 13.

To fight back, go to page 14.

Page 9

STRONG BAD: Argh, this all you ever ask! It's not like I don't get 2 zillion of this email every, to zillion seconds. Wait, would that be so bad? I'll have to ask Gron Sad about that one.

You walk off to ask Strong Sad, but you find him laying on the floor, unconcious. Strong Mad is standing next to him. Strong Mad knocks you into next week. Start over.

Page 10

STRONG BAD: Well, even though your grammar is despicable, I'll give it a shot. Okay, these aren't gloves, they're my hands. And how I type with {pronounces as spelled} boxinglove-like hands is-

HOMESTAR RUNNER:{Cutting him off} HUP-chup-chup-chup! I shall now drink five gallons of melonade all at once.

{He drinks five gallon jugs of melonade. After he's done, he runs away with his legs crossed, then jumps out a window. Strong Bad starts laughing hysterically.}

Strong Bad walks away laughing. He is laughing so hard that he doesn't notice Strong Mad. Strong Mad knocks him out before he sees what's coming. Start over.

Page 11

STRONG BAD: Oh, man! Now you got me totally cheesed off! DELETED!!! You really no how to break a man down, don't you?

Strong Bad walks away grumbling. He is so angry, he doesn't notice Strong Mad, who knocks him into next week. Start over.

Page 12

You grab for The Cheat. Strong Mad stops, looks at The Cheat, then picks him up and walks away, happy. You just made Strong Mad's angry spree end before someone was serisously hurt!

Now go to page 15 to see what happened that night.

Page 13

You idiot! Did you really think you could reason with Strong Mad? You get knocked into next week. Start over.

Page 14

Whoa, this has got to be the dumbest choice ever! Strong Mad knocks you into next week, start over.

Page 15

That night, you are asleep. You wake up, and see something in the hall. It looks dangerous. Your only weapons are some nunchukas, Strong Mad, and a saltshaker.

To use the saltshaker, go to page 16

To use the Nunchukas, go to page 17

To use the Strong Mad, go to page 18

Page 16

You reach for the saltshaker. It turns out that the thing was a man-eating slug, and when you fling salt at it, it shrivels up. Congradulations! To see what happened next, go here

Page 17

You try to use the nunchukas, but the thing is so fast, you are eaten before you see what it is. Start over.

Page 18

You wake up Strong Mad. Just as he's about to knock you into next week, you both get eaten. Start over.