The Cheat's story is a weird one. He comes from an island near The Isle of Pom, apparently . . . called . . . Paradise . . . Island, where his species (a relative of bats, they look like flying squirrels) thrives. One day sailors landed on the yet uncharted island and saw delicious fruits. One of these was The Cheat's favorites, so he and many others went aboard the ship. One day he, his 7 brothers, and 5 sisters were touring the ship when the sailors saw them and thought they looked tasty. They all fled, but only The Cheat, 3 of his brothers, and 2 of his sisters escaped. He jumped overboard one day, and then got surrounded by fish. The fish surronded him and one day he and the fish got struck by lightning, turning them into fishsticks. The strange change in polarity caused bits of seashell and fishbone to form and egg around The Cheat and the fish. The Cheat was trapped in that pink egg with yellow spots until Strong Bad found him. The Cheat's "language" is simply The Cheat trying to speak English. Since The Cheat's species was not very civilized, The Cheat didn't see the point of following rules that only got in the way, and was glad to help him out. One of The Cheat's favorite foods is tabbaco leaves. The reason that The Cheat likes pencil shavings is that in female cheats are attracted to males by large piles of wood shavings, which they can use for bedding for their young. In The Cheat's society, a pack of cheats has one adult male, at least five adult females, and their young. When a male cheat is 10 years old, he is run out of the pack. (The Cheat was only 5 years old when he left home and is now 12.)

About The Cheat's fake ID:

Ilko Skevuld is The Cheat's real name, but he thought it was stupid so he just goes by The CHeat. He is named for his grandfather, creator of TCTV (The Cheat Television). "Miner" comes from the fact that the cheats sometimes eat gems. The DoB (besides the year) is the day Strong Bad found the egg. His height and weight is that of Strong Mad.