OK, i know that you can buy the homestar runner t-shorts, but they wernt cool enough.

ok, i took a screenshot of TGS4 on the 'possoms' part & printed it out. I then took a white t-shirt & drew on the lines with a pen and then with a sharpie. then on the back i wrote 'my blood hurts. www.homestarrunner.com' unfortunetly, i don't have a picture as i gave it away. :-(
I am, however planning for a sequel. (Perched! 'my lungs are filling up with sand')

does anyone want image files for these tshirts?

YES! that would be awesome.

That'd be cool. Just don't go around selling bootleg shirts. I tried that once, and lawyers chewed off my legs. -M'Fox

its legal. the site says you can do stuff like that FOR PERSONAL USE! inother words, you can make a shirt & wear it, or even give it away, but you cant sell it. -JamesGecko

I'm in the process of making a silk screened homestar t shirt in art class right now. Ill upload a pic when it's done.
-Arrohed Aria

If you make a shirt or two for you and your friends and in no way profit from it, you ought to be fine. But if you make 100 or 500 shirts and give them to people at your school, you stand a chance of getting in trouble, because, as JamesGecko implied, that's going a bit beyon "personal use".

And Mechafox, I'm sorry to hear about your legs. -- ij.

i want cheat commando figures and shirts! ..good thing i'm an art major.. i'll make my own! -jhonen jones