When is there ever gonna be something here? -princess

Okay, I'm going to start a catagory then:

Poems I Just Made Up In The Editing Box

Homestar Runner is so great,
Good, clean fun: there's no debate.
Strong Bad sure is more popular,
'Cause he can play a mean guitar.
Yeah... I'm pretty sure this poem blows,
No, I'm really much better with prose.
Is this what one should expect?
It shouldn't be, I suspect.
-- Tom

Here's some coffee shop poetry!

The stuff of life.
Time to check it.
~ AgentSeethroo

I'm into poetry so here is one

A Tribute to Homestar Runner

Perhaps there can be no free lunch
In the harsh world of today
But I am glad there's a homestar bunch
That's free and free to stay

Though life may often bring you down
The world may often fail
Strongbad will wipe away a frown
With Monday morn's email

So cheers to you dear Homestar
For making me smile today
True freedom's really not that far
In Free Country, USA

Not my best work, especially since I'm not into freedom themes (I'm not a big flagwaver). But I hope you get a kick out of it anyway, and I will try a freeform poem sometime too.-- The Cheat, commanding is his game/Though lacking a good commando name

This One's for the Black and White
When people wake up,
They have a chance for a good day, or bad,
This cannot, he'll always be sad.
He cries in his sleep,
But, that is okay,
He knows he'll dead anyday.
I fell sorry, bad, and mad.
I wish he would be anything, other than sad,
Big elephant feet,
Two squinty eyes,
This big fellow just cries, cries, and cries
I hope there will be one day,
Where everyone will say,
"I like Strong Sad,
Not Strong Mad,
Not Strong Bad.
"But The One who deserves it,
popularity, he shall get."
Everyone would pick him up,
and they would all say,
"Strong Sad rocks, Hip-Hip-Horray!"
- CE1, Fan of Strong Sad, not Bad, not Mad, just Sad.

The Life of a Reject
My name is Homeschool Winner.
My brother is named Homestar Rinner.
Wait, that's Runner.
I'm a reject, shot by a reject gunner.
Everyone thought I was a nerd,
Kicked out of the nest, like a small bird.
People call me mean names.'
Whenever anyone gets in trouble, I get all the blames.
Why don't you like me?
Why am I lost at sea?
No one needs a smart one,
Just one who can run.
Let me fly back to life,
Have a life as sharp as a knife.
I'm confused, very confused.
- CE1's Little Brother