Email me!! Please!

Im gonna check my ZEMAIL

Dear person,

(Psycho Mike)?

SBM- Person, Im Strong Bad's Mom. Oh, well, STRONG BAD!
Strong Bad- Yes Mom?
SBM- Tell them who I am.
Strong Bad- I dont Know her.
Sbm- Whatever, anyway, if you see the toon Homestarloween Party, my son says I helped him make his costume. Also, if you look in ([Strong Sad's Fond Rememberances])? in Secret pages, you see that I forced Strong Bad to give Strong Sad a card, but that was before he was weird.
Strong Bad- Mom, can i borrow this egg beater to use in my evil sceme. HEHEHE
Sbm- As long as you let Strong Sad play, i want him to become normal.
Strong Bad- Oh yes mom, I will. HEHEHE

Dear SB's Mom,
Your middle son is the greatest guy alive! How did you raise him so well?

SBM- This is the greatest thing since pro wresling! You should toally go out on a date with him. Im putting you on the people that Strong Bad should go out with or get his arm broken list. Im sure that the cheat is getting a date for Strong Mad. That leaves only Strong Sad. Oh well, I hear theres electronical dates, but he might make even her punch him in the face.

Dear SB's Mom,
Sup? Why did you give birth to Strongsad? Bad move Mrs. Strong, baaaaad moooove. -Stevebad

Sb's mom- Of Coarse not! He's adopted.
Strong Sad- No im not! Here's my Birth Certificate.
Sb's Mom- Oh fine, yea, but i asked Strong Bad to watch him when he was a baby and he let Strong Mad throw him around. It wasnt my fault.
Strong Mad- Douglas
Sb's- No, Douglas was your pet tennis ball, and Strong Bad let you throw Strong Sad.
Strong Bad- But it was pretty funny.
Strong Mad- Douglas(throws douglas at Strong Sad)
Strong Sad- Owwwww.
(All laugh except Strong Sad)

This is getting OUT OF HAND!! Why the TAPIOCA are you making STRONG BAD'S MOM emails! I mean, she isn't even a reject! SHE IS NON-EXISTENT! My PUDDING! --Lord Karkon