/Strong Bad
(/Strong Mad)?
(/Strong Sad)?
(/The Cheat)?
(/Coach z)?
/Pom Pom
(/The Kot)?

Yeah, nice drawing lessons, Sibbiesong!!

This is so... good.

Oh yeah....I'm just...swimmin' in the pile of art I made followin' your directions.

OK, I hope no one's offended, but I'm gonna fill some of these out. S Song can delete them if he wants. -da princess

Let me guess, you're gonna teach us how to draw Strong Bad. I wonder what would cause me to think that? -Shopiom

Ummm... I'm sorry da princess, but you cant do text explanations. In all niceness, it doesnt help people at all. They could just as easily look at a character and give the same explanation. If anyone is sharing 'how to' stuff, you must have a step by step photo to go along with it. And dont anybody just digitally cut apart the individual pieces of a character and call them steps. Look at a 'how to draw' book and make your step-by-step look like one of those. I might do one later, I know how to draw the characters, but it's really hard to explain how to do it. Ya know? Q-Ball

I'll add pictures to her explanations. I might change the order. I might be experiencing technical problems, because of my crappy computer. -Crap

You have to change all the "Sibbiesongs" to "Craps"

Yes, I know, I know!!