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Okay, I'm WAAAY to busy with The Fellowship of the Star to bother with this, so, I'll finish...later.

The velvet ribbon will be cut soon!
This is the tour.

Main Entrance
$39.00 for each member. Once out of the ticket booth, a path is facing straight ahead. Buildings to your left and right are...
Bubs Concession Stand : Buy different candy, drinks, etc.
Marshmallow's Last Stand : Restauraunt
Gift Shop : Buy different Homestar-related stuff.

After the buildings there is a path to your left, right and forwards. We will go on
The Left Path

The first thing you see is
The Cheats Go-Kart Frenzy! : Have a fun time seeing who can get to the finish line first in this three lap go-kart race.

To the right of the path is a bunch of round bushes.

After go-karts, we come to our first roller-coaster on the right.
Limozeen's ROCKIN ROLLER-COASTER! : A huge roller coaster, and the only car is a long guitar. With huge loops, twist, turns and drops (including a very, very, VERY big one), this is a roller-coaster for only extreme roller-coaster riders.

We take a right on the path (Poopsmith Restrooms on the left of the path). There is a food court with different fast food places to the right. Anyways, we head down the path untill we get to
Strong Bad's Humongo Big Coaster!!! : About as big as the Limozeen Rockin Roller-Coaster , this one consists of three trains, each with five cars. Sharp turns are what make this ride a thrill, but it also has one loop and two small drops.

After that, we walk down the path and come to
The King of Town's Water Castle : Hop in your boat, and take a ride through the KOT's Castle. This one, surprisingly, is kind of fast. The main thrill is the sudden drops in the dark places. Up stairs, around corners, into dungeons- all of these things make the KOT's Water Castle a fairly fun time. Anamatronics are a big deal in this one, so it is more of a look-around than an actuall ride. For moderate roller-coaster riders.

After we soak ourselfs, we walk along the path to see
Strong Sad's Bored House : The name is only because is happens to be Strong Sads. This is just like a Fun House with mirrors and spraying hoses.

As bored as possible, we come to the biggest ride yet:
Stinko Man's 20X6 Ultimate Thrill : Hang on to your hats, and anything else, because this ride is maybe a little if-fy for the most extreme roller-coaster riders. Over six minutes of loops, turns, tunnels, and neck-bending thrill, this coaster goes over 260 MPH. Under dark tunnels in the ground, you never know when you'll take a sharp turn. Then you shoot up out of the tunnel and into the sky, up a loop, and a leaning turn into the booth. Your whole train looks like Stinko Man flying through the sky. All-in-all, this ride is for only the top roller-coaster riders, and, even then, watch out.

After we get out brains back in place, we take a right under the Stinko Man ride. Out of the Stinko Man ride there is a food court with The Poopsmith Restroom.
Walking down the path we come to
PomPom's bouncing house : Basicly like a maze balloon, to get out, you have to find your way through. There are walls that you run into and must turn around. Pretty fun, actually.

Dizzy as can be, the path finally connects with our next tour path.

The Forwards path
We walk forwards after the buildings. The first ride is...
Strong Mad's Bumper-to-Bumper Cars : Just, bumper cars, you know?

Ok... to the right of that is
20X6 Homestar Virtual Reality: Gundown : Strap on the helmet and get ready for a blast as you steer a spacerocket, land on a planet, shoot down all the aliens, and save the planet from an enourmous leader alien. A partner version is avaliable.

Right next to the bumper cars is
Marzipan's Protest Coaster : Strap your self into the train - shaped like a protest sign - and prepare for a very small thrill. This coaster is for the non-experienced. One sharp turn (only going 80 MPH at that point), and thats about it for excitment. Still pretty enjoyable.

Yawn . We walk forwards to
Marshie's Roller Coaster Adventure : Hop in Marshie and take a ride up and down the Marshie Coaster. Some tight twists, but not to wild.

Afterwards, we come to
Homsar's Heavy Lourde : Hold on - this is fast. You slowly rise directly up till you get to the top - 180 feet to be exact - and prepare for a drop. The only thing is, you don't know when that will be. Then you unexpectantly drop. Big Thrills. Very big.

Your brain falls back into socket- lets go on. Across the path is
Coach Z's Whistle Madness : When you buckle yourself into his whistle- make sure you know what your doing. This ride is fast. Twists, turns, everything. Goes all over the place. Over the path, other rides, etc. Big excorment.

Shake your head and walk down the path to
The Goblin's haunted house: This house is haunted. Seriosly. Go there and scare your head off.

Across from that is another Bubs' Consessions Stand.

Thats the end of the forwards path. Now for

The Right Path

Now you see
The Robot's awsome arcade: Want to play games? Come here.Here they have games like
"Bonk The Doregard" and "Pom Pinball".Also in it is The Cheat's paradise.The Casino!!!

We will continue the tour later. (It's not done!)

The Reviews (comments)

Usually I don't like Humungo Big Coasters, but all do anything for Strong Bad!!! -princess

This is the thrill of a lifetime! -crap

I don't know if that was supposed to be sarcastic. If it wasn't, thank you. - FireBird

... Wow... I loved it. Im gonna come at least twice a week.:D Smooth crimnal

I'll be rollin in the $$$$$$$$$$$! - FireBird

Well actually, you probably wouldn't as the Chaps Brothers would sue you unless you made a contract with them about it. Then, if you did that, you'd probably only get like 20% of the profits. - M.J

Well thats just to bad, Mr. Ruin The Joke. - FireBird

You are such a nerd! You think Firebird's gonna build this place? It's a made-up place WHICH IS FUN TO READ ABOUT! Don't try your reality thing. It's just not fun for the imaginary amusement park. -Shopiom

The thrill of a lifetime beckons forth to me. Dude, This is awesome- Homestarball Z