Strong Mad has gone mad with power! At the hands of Homeschool Winner, Strong Mad is forced to do his bidding! There's only one person who can stop him, and his name is Homestar Runner!



Homestar attacks with his mighty star! He can use magic, too. He's in it because he's the only one that can stop Homeschool Winner.

Strong Bad

He attacks with his fists, the second stongest, but he can't use magic. He joins you after a brief fight in the computer room because Strong Mad's his brother.

Strong Sad

Strong Sad is a basic white mage and is useless when Marzipan joins. He attacks with his feet. After fighting Un, Un casts a magic spell to make Strong Sad join you.


Marzipan is the weakest fighter, but her magic is better than anything. She joins you in the Very Violent Forest, after you fight Gur.


PomPom is a Black Mage, but he's still a decent fighter. He joins you on Yello Dello Peak after you capture a Yello Dello to ride.

The Poopsmith

The Poopsmith is the strongest non-secret character. He attacks with his shovel, and knows no magic besides Stench. He joins when Aits attacks the castle.


Bubs is incredibly average, but he knows Throw. He attacks with the Raddish bow. He joins after Dijery-Doo attacks the consession stand.

Coach Z

Coach Z is really, really weak. He attacks with a weak microphone, and knows no magic. He joins when Bubs enters the Strongest Man In The World contest.

The Cheat

The Cheat attacks with The Tire. He finally shows up when he rolls in at the wrestling match.


Homsar uses words to attack. It's pretty powerful, and he has some pretty good spells. You can't control him, though. He joins if you beat Homeschool's girlfriend instead of running.


The strongest character in the game, Stinkoman uses Jump and attacks with his fists. He joins when you use the warp to 20X6.


Homeschool Winner

The main villian, controlled Strong Mad. He also slays Trogdor and ransacks 1936.

The Unguraits

Un, Gur, and Aits each have their own form. They don't work for Homeschool, but they like causing destruction.


Sent to kill The Cheat, he always is seen by you. You fight him often.

Homeschool's Girlfriend

Much is unknown, but she attacks you in front of the entrance to Prance.


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