Also known as the "ARROWED guy" and the "CHILDREN man." This is the guy who constantly kills members of the Teen Girl Squad. He appears in every issue and has a distinctive voice and a huge mouth. His many professions include an archer, a truck driver, owner of a Pan-Asian Cuisine stand, a brain mech pilot, and a ship captain (Gosh, I wonder how much money this guy makes... or how much free time he has!). The ways he has killed the Squad members are as follows:

Also appears 404ing The Ugly One when a URL is mistyped. It's the same as the Issue #1 attack except The Ugly One says "OW! my browser!", and 'ARROWED!!!' is missing. 404'd

What's Her Face, and So and So are the only Teen Girl Squad members who have yet to suffer a Man With the Huge Mouth attack.

Debut: Comic