The smartest of the TeenGirlSquad girls, she wears a plaid skirt, and is often carrying around thick textbooks. In the first issue, she was the first one to die, and did so by being fried by a giant robot (VOIP). In TGS2, she went out with the "no "i" in team" boy very briefly; for about 2 seconds before he got CHILDREN'D. In TGS4, she fell down the Fighting Growlbacks Sprit Bottomless Pit with her imaginary boyfriend, (Brett Bretterson)?. She has fashion sense, school spirit, is math crazy, is on the student council, wears a one-piece and wants a savings bond. Her real name is Kristina.

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Her real name is actually 'Kristen.' Or it was when Strong Bad originally created this. In his email titled "comic," the line reads, "Their names are Virginia, Joy, Kristen, and Jennifer." It says "Kristina" in the text due to Strong Bad's sloppiness and apathy (you can hear the uncertainty as he narrates - he doesn't quite remember the names and really doesn't care). Overall I think ALL of these names are pretty much tossed out after episode one in favor of the names used to make fun of them.