Here you can comment on the 100th Strong Bad E-mail! --liato

I wonder if the Ducky Shirt had anything to do with the egg? ~CB

These ducky shirts are now being sold! -CE5

I thought it was really good. And I knew people were setting there expectations to high.
Another Fan

It was amazing! Homestar and Strong Bad's history explained! Strong Bad meets The Cheat for the first time! An explanation of The King of Town's great girth! What more could you want?! Am I using too many exclamation marks??!!! - Shenlon!!

I thought it was kind of weird that 1936 Strong Bad reffered to present-day Strong Bad as his "doppleganger". -CE5

Is that who he was writing? I wasn't sure. It kinda makes sense now.
-The Brothers E

A doppelganger, or "double walker," is a sort of ghost or shadow twin of a person. I think sometimes people with the same name might call each other doppelgangers too. -- DungeonGirl

I thought the email was great. But I was hoping it would have to do with how old all the characters are.I mean, there are characters from 1936,and Strong Bad is from somewhere in the 1980's.The whole thing stumps me.

I think that this is the first time that any of the characters ever mentioned "Free Country, USA". Also, it gives several explanations for things. -CE5

They should sell that duckie shirt! Poot Slap

It had a cool intro, a weird glitch, widescreen, a funny conversation about hiding, a flashback, and fireworks, all in that order. Not to mention it has 8 easter eggs and is nice and long. It was pretty cool, I thought it had a better way of celebrating than in 50 emails. That one would have been dissapointing to me if I had known about this site when it premiered. -CE5

They are selling the duckie shirts now!Maybe they saw this...or got alot emails.--cyco

I just got a really bad idea! when you buy a The Cheat plushie, it should come in an egg, and have some fishstick cupouns or something.- Kunai

look at strong mad... He HAS A BUMP FOR A HEAD INSTEAD OF NO HEAD!!!! warlordofhomsaria

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