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Why? That sounds pretty ridiculous! You nerds and your classifying things! They're all Senor Cardgage!

I think it's reasonable to assume that what's going on here is that Creepy Comb-over Strong Bad has begun to call himself Senor Cardgage, after the pseudo-real-life character he was subliminally based upon. I don't think it will hurt a single thing if we simply refer to him as such. For instance, his filmography should include Flashback and Kind of Cool. And now both he and visor robot can be dug up out of the rejects pile, where bald-guy can chill for awhile :)

Not so, look at the shorts menu and it says he is real. --PikmanFan

Actually, it asks *is* he real. Which isn't the same thing at all. I agree entirely with MetaStar. --A different anonymous poster

The "Wait, Is Senor Cardgage real?!" thing might mean that the character used is still the Creepy Comb-over Strong Bad. I would have thought the real Senor Cardgage might look different to the Strong Bad version. --jeffthejiff

These are totally nerdy semantics. Besides, Strong Bad actually calls CCOSB "Creepy Comb Over STORY Strong Bad" so not only is the concept wrong, but also the name.
So I think people are upset 'cause their theory was incorrect. But please, as the time passes, it will become more apparent that there is only Senor Cardgage. Strong Bad met and shared gum with the supposed "CCOSB," and that is of course impossible if they are the same person. It was Senor Cardgage! He even says he was going to look up Senor Cardgage before you can see those easter eggs with Senor.
There's only one creepy combover guy, and that is Senor Cardgage!
End nerd discussion! (Anonymous poster, like totally)

If I may butt in, I'd like to say that I agree with the theory that CCOSSB is not Senor Cardgage. CCOSSB is an imaginary character who resembles and acts like Senor Cardgage. Senor Cardgage is the real creepy guy who used to give Strong Sad nightmares. The person Strong Bad was talking to at the end of "Kind of Cool" is ambiguous: it could either have been an imaginary situation, in which case it would be CCOSSB, or a real occurrence, in which case it would be Senor Cardgage. Either way, there's no reason to assume that they are one and the same. --Upsilon

But MetaStar's point above, which I agree with, is that under this analysis the guy describing himself as Senor Cardgage in the "Senor Mortgage" cartoon is actually CCOSSB, not the original Cardgage at all. So CCOSSB has started referring to himself as Senor Cardgage (and so, we can infer, have tBC). There are several arguments for this: one is that we have no reason to suppose that tBC would go out of their way to create two distinct characters who look and act exactly the same; another is that, if CCOSSB actually looked the same as the original Cardgage, I think it would have been mentioned in "Kind of Cool"--why, after all, should the original Senor Cardgage have a wrestling mask and boxing gloves? In other words, the guy in "Senor Mortgage" is clearly supposed to be the same guy as the imaginary character in "Kind of Cool", and if tBC have started calling this guy Senor Cardgage, who are we to tell them they're wrong? --The same anonymous poster who signed as "a different anonymous poster"

It was mentioned to a certain extent that CCOSSB resmbles Seor Cardgage in "kind of cool" - Strong Sad said "You pretty much just described Senor Cardgage", implying that they are the same in more ways than one. It's not beyond reason that Senor Cardgage would have worn a wrestling mask and boxing gloves, as Strong Bad idolised the guy when he was little; it could be Strong Bad who's imitating Cardgage, and not the other way around.

Whoa. That totally makes sense. Nice addition. If I think I understand you, you mean this: Senor Cardgage is real, insomuch as he lived down the street from the brothers Strong. Strong Bad describes himself like Senor Cargage in StrongBadEmail/kind of cool, and shows us what that imaginary person looks like in the toon. That imaginary person Strong Bad comes up with is the Creepy Comb Over Strong Bad. Senor Cardgage most likely didn't wear a wrestling mask and boxing gloves, those were Strong Bad's addition to the Senor Cardgage persona. We've never seen Senor Cardgage (save for the milk carton), only Creepy Comb Over Strong Bad, which is a combination of Strong Bad and Senor Cardgage. Am I getting this right, Mr. Anon? -- Tom

Right. That, and Creepy Comb-Over Story Strong Bad calls himself Senor Cardgage, even though he's still the character that Strong Bad made up, not the one that Strong Bad based him on. And tBC probably call him Senor Cardgage as well. --"Mr. Anon"

When does the creepy guy in "Kind of Cool" refer to himself as Senor Cardgage? Or are you just taking it as read that Senor Cardgage doesn't look exactly like Strong Bad? It's not like it's impossible that there's some other person who also wears the same mask and boxing gloves. --Xhad

I think the point is that Senor Cardgage has never been seen. Strong Bad has described how he would look like and act if he was a mix between his normal self and Senor Cardgage. That description is Creepy Comb Over Strong Bad. Creepy Comb Over Strong Bad is the only guy we've seen, save for that milk carton. Senor Cardgage was the guy that lived down the street and gave Strong Sad nightmares. And you're right, Xhad, I don't think we can say if Senor Cardgage wears boxing gloves and a wrestling mask for sure, since we've never seen him. Of course, like "Mr. Anon" pointed out, I don't think The Brothers Chaps make this distinction, so it is especially hard to classify. -- Tom

CCOSSB is an imaginary character that represents what Strong Bad thinks he would be like if he were "a different kind of cool", who incedintly was based on Senor Cardage. Senor Cardgage is a real person, one who lived down the street from The Brothers Strong when they were young. This short proves that Senor Cardgage looks like CCOSSB. No character that stars in its own short can possibly be a reject.

I think it is an overcomplication to say that they are two different people. It's exactly as nerdy as making bones about the firealarm.
Strong Bad's parent's had wresting masks and boxing gloves, so perhaps it's a genetic trait or a whole race of lucha-people that lived in that area at the time, and cardgage really looks a lot like Strong Bad. So Strong Bad formulated "Creepy Comb-over Strongbad", who wound up being congruent to the real Senor Cardgage, which he finally sought out and shared gum with. In which case CCOSB doesn't actually exist it was really just SB remembering SG.
So if you don't like that explaination, then just come up with your own.. but there IS just one character. All we have seen so far is one character, and he has been called both CCOSB and Senor Cardgage. tBC would probably re-author "kind of cool" before they would spawn twin characters just order to satisfy you lot.
MetaStar [My fan site]

Okay, look. If they're the same person, why does Strong Bad refer to them as different names? Huh? Answer THAT, Star! They are two characters who look exactly the same. One is real, the other isn't. That's that. As has been said, CCOSSB is a hypothetical character based on what Strong Bad would be like if he weren't "a buff, handsome man in a wrestling mask". Senor Cardgage is a creepy man who lived down the street from The Brothers Strong when they were kids. For future reference, CCOSSB will probably never be seen again, but if he is, it will be in a hypothetical situation. Senor Cardgage might appear again, but as a "real" person. -Ingiald