Are you the Brothers Chaps? Sorry I just had to say that. - DarkLordNache

No I am not, and will never be.

You will if I use a thing called SOUL EXCHANGE!! - DarkLordNache

Can we drop this, it was first Heir_of_Lindeen, and now you.

Well I guess I have to use soul exchange on something else now. I'll just have to use it on Bill Gates and George W. Bush. Again. - DarkLordNache

So that is why we declared war on Macintosh!

Hello, Strvanger. I vould lak to tell you zat I am a very random person. -CE5

Well, at least no more about the content software...

Look! A welcome-back cake in keystrokes! --Lord Karkon

Goodbye Stranger, I'm leaving the wiki... -Arrohed Aria

Here is a link back to me