OK, I am just starting this page, gimme a day or two. - M.J

  • Matt does most of the voices for an online cartoon. [1]
Okay? That's why links default to those numbers if you don't add a description to them. For easy citing. -- Tom

Yeah, good idea. But I've just spent an hour looking through all 35 sites listed in my favourites, and it will probably take more than an hour to find each fact. I was just gonna list some of the main pages I went to to find facts in. - M.J

Um, since we here at the HomestarRunnerWiki want to put the authoritative in "authoritative knowledge base" it would be best if you cited each item individually. And it would be so cool. -- Tom

Yeah, ok I'll work on it. Thanks Tom hmm, I've been sitting here the little computer nerd that I am for 3 hours. Perhaps I should get out of the house....
mmmm, I don't like the looks of those teenagers. Let's go back inside. - Matts biggest fan

Oh, and M.J, if you need any help with those bookmarks and stuff, send 'em to me in an email. I'd be happy to help. -- Tom

Aww, thank you Tom. My system went down so I've been on the ol' piano for about an hour so I'm all refreshed and ready to go. I'll email you some stuff, so long as my computer holds out. - MMmmm.. Gummy Venus

Hmmm. Turns out it didn't take me as long as I thought it would.. actually, I think it took longer. I've been sititng here for like, {counts} 5 and a half hours. Wow. I think that is the best 5 hours I have ever spent. - [insert witty quote here]