The Halloween main page. Homestar Runner is a zombie coming out of a grave.

Page title: "Dead as a doornail!"

I thought Strong Bad's line was: ...come back from the dead...rolling around...

I believe Strong Bad's line is "So here I come, back from the dead to tear- oh oh, holy crap"

It is very hard to tell but you might be right.

I think he's going to say "take", but the line gets cut off so it doesn't really matter. -- InterruptorJones

This page creeped me out...-HomestarGirl

Actually, the first one's right. -MaddKaze2.0

The way I hear it is, "Here I come, back from the dead- [neck begins to break]eh-ih [head falls off] Holy crap..."

Isn't it strange that every halloween thing is number 7? ex: SBEmail #7 is halloweener, Marzipan's Answering Machine #7 is...

Well, '7' is considered a lucky number, so why not? We need some luck around here, and Halloween is said to be the time when bad luck comes out most, following after Friday the 13th.

Maybe Strongbad says "Today", THEN holy crap... (whatever)...-Sblaka

I think Strong Bad says "here I have come, back from the dea-woh woh holy crap..."--Shaon
PS:how do you disguise names?I cant.

I say he says here I come back from the dead- dee h wa holy crap....--Mario