What is in your preferences needs to match your user page. As you can see from the history of any page you just edited, the name does not "link", since we changed your username to M'Fox. Well, it seems that you are going to have to pick something else. And then we will have to re-link everything again. OR... you could just leave the name field blank. Your DNS address will show instead. Then we wouldn't have to do all that work again. -- Tom

Uh, how about I change it to M-Fox? Sorry for the wait.

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Hey. I am Mechafox Omega, occasionally known as Hawke Redeldrago, Dune the Lightbringer, and Kaeru Glennmire. I am co-creator of an RPG Message Board game, and I hope you all check it out.

I've redone the secondary characters page, transcribed the main characters character pages, and some other random stuff. Redid some emails, worked on the CD, you get the picture. Also, check out The Mechafox Anthology in WikiFanstuff for some of my literary masterpieces.

An explanation of the name Mechafox: People used to call me crazy, and I'd always yell "Crazy like a FOX!"(this was when I was tiny). I then played Starfox 64, and I decided to make a fanfiction starring a robotic version of Fox McCloud??, named Mechafox. The idea came when a friend told me I was crazy for wanting to make a fanfiction. I replied with my catchphrase, and it got me thinking. Crazy like a MECHAfox. Yeah. The fiction never happened, but the name stuck. I never say "crazy like a fox" anymore, but it's worthy of listing in my quotes.

"Yeah, I'm crazy. Crazy like a FOX!"
"Darn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"
"Riddle me THAT, Batman!"
"You have selected: Regicide."
"It puts the lotion on its skin."
"Because it's politically correct."
"Bring me the Earth Day cleaver."
"Ha! You said 'nuclear'. It's 'nukular', dummy, the 's' is silent."
"A rose called any other name would really confuse people."
"And that is how we know the Earth to be banana-shaped."
"Remember, it's stab and twist, stab and twist."
Thank you for your time.

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Are you suggesting Coucounuts migrate? - FireBird

No. They could be carried.

It depends on what kind of swallow is carring it. European? And what if two swallows carried it, what then? - FireBird

Do you live anyplace in Missouri? The only reason I ask is because today I saw on a licence "M-FOX". That could just mean that that person likes Michael J. Fox but...--bkmlb

That is weird. But I don't. I'm a Texan. I want that license plate though. I'll look into that when I get a car. Or when I can drive.