4-26-2004: I put my third Bionicle together. I'm going to have a major Bionicle battle when I put enough together. I'm also working on my fan fic in WikiFanStuff, The Magic Marshmallow. If you figure out some references or inside jokes, you can get HaguruPoints. I'm working on the HR Texty game, but that will be delayed due to progress on The Magic Marshmallow.
4-27-2004: I've been doing a parody of Strong Bad e-mails on my computer. I use Sound Recorder to record me answering fake e-mails. I might work on that. I'm up to about 104 or so.
5-5-2004: Last night I worked on my e-mail thing mentioned above. I have made about 104 as of July 2003, when I started. Some get boring, but they are okay. I might transfer them over here and let you guys hear some, if my stepdad lets me. Hopefully it's legal. I mean, I'm not selling anything. It's just for fun.
6-2-2004: I made a decently fun game that involves chocobos. (Ever see chocobos in the Final Fantasy series?) I made coloring pages that go well with it, where you can color in the chocobo, name it and choose its gender. If anyone wants a copy via e-mail, check out the new HaguruStore!
6-17-2004: Well, that idea might not happen for a while. As you may have read already, it is unavailable. However, I still can make some small puzzles.
6-24-2004: I now have $48 saved up, so now I can soon order the The Cheat plushie!
6-25-2004: I added to my Magic Marshmallow story. Cool, huh? Now all four groups have encountered some obstacle. Coming soon...the four castles!
6-28-2004: Did anyone try my RPG yet? I'm starting chapter 2 today. Chapter 1 was centered around Strong Bad, but now it's about the KoT. I have a link to the game above, so check it out in your free time.
7-6-2004: I'm refacing my userspace, so expect a few miniscule changes.
7-15-2004: I'll be working on my stories, yo.
7-19-2004: I'm making another game using RPG Maker. For details, click here.
7-29-2004: I've been trying to make a trading card game, but I failed horribly.