I found my map for the game, so it will be continued soon. Don't expect it in the weekend, because I'll be at my dad's house doing other stuff.

Rule 1: Go in order.
Rule 2: No cheating with the back button!
Rule 3: You should probably not do missions of the enemy army. The enemy is decided in chapter 2, because it is the army that you do not join.

Part 1: Fun in Strongbadia Ready!
Part 1.5: The Cheat's Security Cameras Version 1.0 Ready!
Part 2: Hostility of the King Ready!
Part 2.5: The Cheat's Security Cameras Version 2.0
Part 3: Black Bayonets - Defending the City Ready!
(Part 3: Homestarmy - Dream World)?

Sorry, I'm not up to it.

Um...hopefully I can continue this soon. Eventually, peoples. -Hagurumon

This is fun! I like it. cubeboy