RPG Maker is a game for Playstation in which you make your own game. If anyone has it an needs any kind of help with it, ask me on my userspace.

New Stuff In Game
My favorite part to test out will be the four shrines. Basically, in the first chamber you fight a guardian, then you take out the boss in the next room. If you have the optional Banjo character, you can learn 8 abilities from the shrines alone.

Anyway, I'm making a new game: Machine Syndicate. The MS is a group that is searching for machine parts all over the world. While looking for the Part-K, the plot thickens when you find the ruins of Elato, a city that sunk under the sea 5 years ago. There are at first several ghosts of villagers floating around frantically, but they give you helpful clues. You must open the Demon Gate to find your second part, and you see an evil ghost named Gary. After you defeat him, he explodes and causes a fatal earthquake that shakes the entire planet. After that, you must get help from your partners Alan and Harry to calm everyone down and help restore the planet's peace. However, it turns out that Gary is not quite through yet...
Once you find Fri Temple, things wierd up a bit. Then you must deactivate machinery in a few towns and then defeat Ifrit, Shiva, Ixion and Leviathan of the four shrines.

I'll try to make a page to upload my games I make, if I can get a flash drive thing.
NOTE: Thanks to Kupo, who stated that I can share my game without sharing my memory card.

Members of the MS:
Nick (your main playable character)
Alan (your second playable character)
Matt (who takes a vacation later)
David (who sells items to you, but stops due to emotional problems after the earthquake)
Jack (who lets you dig for metals)
Taylor (who lets you rest to restore HP and MP, but stops after the quake)

Other important characters:
Harry (your third playable character, leader of the science club)
Banjo (fourth playable character, but he's optional)
Brutus (barkeep)
Ned (mayor of Tobe)
Deputy (deputy to Sheriff Jed)
Roger (you can fight him for fun, and he sells steroids to pump up your stats. They're freakin' expensive, though)
Gary (your arch enemy)
The family in Tobe's church (the husband gives you snorkel gear, a son gives you a collector's plate, family grows throughout game)
Simon (Tobe's priest, teaches you two special abilities)
Red (mayor of Fri)
Steve (owns the chocobo barn on Route 1)
Karen (sells stuff)
Alice (you meet her in several places)
Choco (Alice's chocobo)

Towns and other places:
Dariki (MS base)
Tobe (first major city)
Rodgart Castle
Bolgota/Boldoga (second major city)
Nanuvuk (Roger, Michelle, Ruben and Drake's dojo)
Underwater cavern (tons of rare items down there)
Elato (where the plot unfolds)
Fri (third major city)
Route 1 (Steve's house is there)
Fri Woods (Your second Karen encounter, Banjo's place)
Lake Fri (fourth major place)
Fri Temple (the story gets twisted from here on)
The Four Shrines (fire, zap, water and ice)

Actually, you can share this file without sharing the Memory Card. Here's how it works: Action Replay sells this flash drive thing for like 20 bucks. You plug it in, copy the files to it, plug it in to your compy, upload it, distribute it. BTW, the game sounds cool. -KP

Hey, what's it called and where could I get it? I don't know the odds of someone having RPG Maker, one of those flash things and wants to try my game, but I'll try that sometime. -Hagurumon