This features Strong Sad happy in a few of the last parts. Do you think this will reflect on future 'toons? - CE1

BTW, does anyone know what the heck S.S. and The Cheat were hoping to accomplish by using the ATM as a symbol in the video? I caught SS's Bergman injoke, but the ATM thing is apparently one of those jokes we're not supposed to get. - JakesBrain

I wonder when tbc makes the music video for the strongsad song the skate party made?

it made me feel sorry for strong sad.and nicer to him.

I hope soon they put this song in the downloads. Cuz, I mean, the experimental film video was kinda decent, but I really like the music.-Clever Dan
If you like the song, then you can buy the album at fine music stores or you can download the whole album ($9.99) or just that one song ($0.99) at []. A buck isn't too much to spare for great music, but I'm told that the album (mine is still in the mail) is one of TMBG's best, so why not splurge? -- InterruptorJones

Or you could do it the cheap as free way like I do, (which everyone has mocked so far) if you have a microphone, and some sound recording program like oh I don't know, perhaps sound recorder. Play the toon and just record it, if you put the mic right up to the speakers the quality is perfect. Or you can unplug your mic, and record as then it records only the sounds that come out of the speakers. (works for me anyways)
- The Cheap Bast..

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