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I will read them, I promise!

poot. - AgentSeethroo

What's with all the fanstuff? - FireBird

What d'you mean? - Da Bee

He wants to know why you're making unfinished fanstuff such as King of Town Adventure Pack(TEXT), Emails Sent to Strong Bad(EMAL), Homsar and Homestar(STRY), Homestar Du Freak(STRY), Homestar and Pals(EXPL), and Homestar Advenutres(TEXT). - CE1

Yeah, why did you make so much stuff? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) - FireBird

I don't know, I just felt bored and wanted to contribute. - Da Bee

Da Bee, do you have an email address? I made a picture for Homestar Du Freak and I wanted you to have it. Hope we can be friends. -ce1

Yes, I do have an email address. I just put it in. And yes we can be friends - Da Bee

What is your e-mail address? - CE1


Dear CE1 that front page is very good. If I knew how to upload it onto the internet I would definately use it on my book. Well Done! - Da Bee

Thanks! Took me only about 5 hours. I did two hours the first day doing The Cheat, The Leat, and The Sheat.
The second day (three hours) I traced Dijjery-Doo, touched it up, made the letters, background, and a few other things. Tom knows how to upload images. Send it as an attachment to Tom asking to upload it.- CE1 ^

Cwap. It'll take longer to upload than I thought. Sorry.

The Fan Art?! - Da Bee

Da Bee, I noticed that a short while ago, you deleted almost all of the (Da Bee/Evil Bear, my comic)? page and removed the link to it from your UserSpace. If you intend on deleting this, you need to delete all the subpages of it as well, namely:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. -- Tom

Thanks - Da Bee