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Cast & Crew Directorial Impressions

Discover, in glorious widescreen technicolor, what the cast and crew thought about their beloved director. As can be seen from the interview, he can be quite imposing, but we assure you - not one of the staff members shown here was in the least affected by it. Really. Well, mostly.

Heehee... pretty funny. Watch out for those evil leprechauns, man. --Yes, this is DG, only I'm at the library

Well, in my opinion, Mr. Seethroo took some very artistic choices, and did a great job of following through with them. He's shown quite a bit of talent in the past, but in this production, he really to have broke away from his previous styles. I hope we see more of this kind of thing from him in the future.
-Brothers E, Lighting Designer

I just read the Ages section of the Wiki, and now I know why you don't have the clearance to Area 51! Until a few minutes ago, I thought H*R appealed mostly to my generation, but I realize now that this Wiki is fill of 10 year olds! Not that you're a 10-year old, but you are what us ancients call an "80's baby." Do you know what a "Sweet Pickles Bus" is? You rock, kiddo! --Buz

In your interview, The Reporter said it was his first interview even though The Reporter belongs to Jweb Guru. How does that happen? -Shopiom

If you go on Jweb Guru's The Reporter comments, AgentSeethroo talks about a heavy lourde jacking up the reporter's brain. - Homestar-RUN!
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