I hope he will answer it. It seems like a good question to me.
What do you think? Tell here.

My name was really on there but i'm not gonna tell you my name unless I have to. If he answers my email then
you'll find out. --AgentNine

The email is good and I could see Strong Bad answering it. The only flaw (and I'm not sure) is that the only time Homeschool Runner is mentioned is in those stack of cards as a secret page. So only people that would know about what the email is, are people on this website, the Brothers Chaps, and anyone else who knows. So if I'm wrong correct me.--bkmlb

Well that's the point. People will know about him if he answers the email. --Fang
PS:Please, just call me Fang. It's a whole lot shorter.(I really do have fangs growing out of the very top of my gums on the top of my mouth. And fangs growing out of the very bottom of my gums on the bottom.

I don't think the Bros. Chaps want Homeschool to be a character. I think they want him as private as possible. - FireBird

Hey, did you mean to vote that you thought the 100th email was the "worst of all time"? If so, you have mental issues. If that is not what you meant to type, change it. -CE5

Well... the thing is, everyone wants their e-mail to be THE e-mail, like dragon or homsar, the ones that become major material in TBC's toons. But Dragon of Homsar was intended that way. Homsar was simply a spelling mistake and dragon wanted to see Strongbad's "skills of an artist". But TBC like to play off your mistakes, or go with their own imagination, not have their ideas forced on them with an e-mail question. In short, no, the one with fangy teeth, I don't think it'll be answered. But TBC is pretty unpredictable, so ya never know--CheatCommando