There Are 7 people in a squad. One Sergeant/Captain (Let's just call them Sergeant), 1 commando, and 5 soldiers.

Agent9 I'm addressed as Captain or Sir if you are a soldier. Seethroo, you'll call me either Frank, or Benandeto. Your choice. Actually Seethroo, just call me whatever you want (). doesn't have to be frank or benandeto).

AgentSeethroo - I will be addressed as Specialist Seethroo. If I outrank you, then it's Sir. And trust me, if you're not the Captain, I outrank you.

Clevolenol Dan a.k.a. Dimwit Dan
Air Fighter Aria a.k.a. dart arro
Shotgun Shopiom

Uh... question. Isn't this the ground peoples? If so, why is Arrohed's name Air Fighter? - Squad 2 Commando- FireBird

Post your comments on the Homestarmy page. and Seethroo just thought the squad names would be catchy.

Air Fighter Aria? catchy. can my a.k.a be dart arro, tho? i like being called dart arro. - Air Fighter "the dart arro" Aria

Sure. --Agent9

Ah, I'm just glad to be part of this great organization that can keep FC,USA safe from any harm -- Clevolenol Dan a.k.a. Dimwit Dan

Shotgun Shopiom, reporting for duty, SIR! Shotgun Shopiom

Thank you SIR! DartArro? is here! -Air fighter Aria