She only appears on Main Pages/MainPage 17. Move the mouse over characters to see this Sailor Moon-esque version of Marzipan.

The animation she does is definitely from Chun-Li's SFII winning pose. ("Yatta!")

In case anyone's wondering, "Yatta" is a Japanese word meaning "All right!" - RaisedByACupOfCoffee

Actually, it means, more or less literally, "I did it!"

-How can we be sure this is Marzipan? It doesn't say so anywhere on the site.

That's right, "awp81". We really can't be sure. And it doesn't say so anywhere on the site. I think this might be one of the few places in which we take such a big liberty. We might consider adding a note about her "unofficial" status. But she is female, has blonde hair in a ponytail, and is wearing a purple skirt with those little yellow things at the bottom. I mean come on, who else would she be? -- Tom