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Tue, 25 May 2004 23:01:18 . . . . Dark Grapefruit [I still had my alias on here?]

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Techniquely or however you spell techniquely, Kevin Grumbles owes Strong Bad some grumbecakes because Strong Bad got Homestar to "outsmart" him, making Homestar appear smart.

This is probably my favorite email since stunt double. I thought it was absolutely halarious.
-The Brothers E
Doesn't Homestar say "I'm Lookin' Smart"?

Nope, sure doesn't. (I'd give you the benefit of the doubt, but there's sure no "m" between "I" and "look".) -- InterruptorJones

I think it's "I'm Lookin' Smart" too. That's what I thought it was first time I heard it, and I've since listened to it a few times on headphones and speakers. I'm certain there's an M there, as well an "in'" on the end of "look". --tgies

If it was "I'm looking smart", Strong Bad would have replied, "You sure are", not "You sure do". --DG

Ohyeahduh. Agreed. Still sounds a lot like an M is there. Odd. Guess I'm DUMB. And stupid.--tgies
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