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Thu, 10 Jun 2004 22:58:41 . . . . B Man

Changes by last author:

- After you see the Jumble Caper happen, you can click on the word "caper" to see their original plan.

- At the end you can click on The Cheat's eyes to see what became of Strong Bad's rhythm section. "KEEP IT ROLLIN'!"

- If you wait for some time after the end Homestar will come out in his pajamas. Click on his slippers to see a jumble. You can also print the jumble!

Check out the pictures on Homestar's wall - they show previous versions of him.

Interesting - he's wearing one of the shirts you can buy in the store.--TubularLuggage

(The answer to the Jumble is "UN TACO".)
Phew! This is a difficult one, eh? -TheBigKnife

Also, when you click on The Cheat's eys at the end, and it shows Strong Mad and Strong Sad, the contrast buttons are missing on Strong Bad's computer.(Much like other emails with the same camera position)
-B Man