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== Easter Eggs ==
*Near the beginning, click "Three-to-One Marny" to see a handbook containing the rules to playing 3-person marny, as written by the guy who wrote the book (Lem Sportsinterviews) in the Strong Bad Email studying. Click the rulebook to read it.

*At the end, click on "No idea" to see a scene at Marzipan's house. Homestar "consoles" the widow (actually Marzipan's microwave) of Frank Bennedetto. It makes sense, considering a microwave can make popcorn as well. You can also see that next to Mrs. Bennedetto is the Trivia Time cookie jar (see Trivia Time). Also, one of Mrs. Benedetto's buttons says "broast".

:Transcript of this egg:
:HOMESTAR RUNNER: Mrs. Bennedetto, my name is Colonel Homestar Runner. I served with Frank in the Homestarmy at the Battle of Strongbadia. I hate to give you this news. Frank was one of the finest friggin' soldiers I ever met! And, he still kinda owes me... five bucks. So, if you could just... fork it over...

*Also at the end, click "army" to see a Firebert action figure! It's reminiscient of the action figures in the Strong Bad Email action figure, and later appears in the Cheat Commandos cartoon.

=== Fun Facts ===
*Homestar says that the enemy is Gordon Lightfoot. A Canadian singer. He says "...the trees you're always huggin' comes to save you when Gordon Lightfoot starts creepin' around your back stair". This is a lyric from one his most famous songs, "Sundown". It goes like this:
:"Sundown, you'd better take care, when I find you've been creepin' 'round my back stair"

*Pay close attention when the Homestarmy arrives in Strong Badia. Homsar just wobbles off!

*The popcorn popper (Frank Bennedetto) within the ranks of the Homestarmy is most likely a [West Bend Hot Air Popcorn Popper 01568 Popcorn Maker]. Say that three times fast. Backwards.

*Frank Bennedetto may have been the only casualty of the Battle of Strongbadia, but he may not have died. Homestar led Mrs. Benedetto to believe that he was dead, but the appropiate term is more 'missing in action'. You see him behind the fence in the Strong Bad is In Jail Cartoon.