Strong Badia

Population: Tire

Strong Badia is the field behind the dumpster that is ruled over by Strong Bad. He thinks it's the awesomest thing ever, but... seriously, it's just a field. In the Strong Bad Email Colonization, he tells the story of how it was first formed. Apparently, Strong Bad was being ostracized for his putting ketchup on eggs, so he bought a vacant lot from Bubs and started his own country! Residents include: Strong Bad, The Cheat, Tire, Stop Sign, and Cinderblock.

... Beautiful.

There is also that old and grody chinese food carton. -me
AweXomeCross 98 was held there. - CanKicker


Courtesy of The Gweat Moo.

With help from Ms. Partsmatter's first grade class.

Come to.... the place where the tropical breezes blow
Come to.... the coolest place I know
Where the people are so great
But really there's only me
So that means I'm so great
And also there's The Cheat

Oh, there's The Cheat.... in the place where the tropical breezes blow
The Cheat.... in the coolest place I know
Where the Ones are always cold
And the parties last all night
And there's probably lots of chocolate
And Population: Tire
Population.... tiiiiirre.

Complete Filmography

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