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This was the main menu page April Fools Day of '02, complete with a KoT Intro. The page title says "kingoftown.com!!". You can get to this main page by going to The King of Town DVD and clicking on the coat of arms. The shield will swing back and you can click on the brick that's behind it. This brings you to the KoT main page. A few odd things on this page:

*You can't access the museum, and the KoT says "The K.o.T" when you scroll over it.

*The toons button only says "'toon" and it brings you back to the DVD menu. The dragon (not Trodgor) appears in the background when you scroll over this button.

*The games button says "game" and it takes you to the Revenge of the King game. When you hold your mouse over it, Yorgle the Atari Dragon appears in the background.

*Again, the "downloads" button is in the singular. (The S is for Sucks)? appears in the background when you scroll over it, and clicking it will bring up a 404'd page.

*Finally, the "emails" button only says "email". That trumpet guy from the DVD appears and trumpets. Clicking brings you the KoT trying to access his email on the old Tandy 400 (Strong Bad's old comp). It seems that Bubs sold it to him for $900. Not only does no one want to email him, his computer won't work.

*There is no "characters" button. (Nor a "character" button)

*There is no "store" button.

*The sheep don't chew in the background of the menu.


I believe that at the end of the KoT video with commentary, you can see his answering machine, like when you see Marzipan's answering machine. It said something like "You have no new messages. Ever."

If anybody has a copy of the kot background let me know - mrdrama07

Does anyone know what the original download was? if anything at all.

Raistlin: It was just an icon-sized picture of the KOT, with text that read "Tile these for a KoT backround."

Intersetingly, The Chaps have fixed this page so it stays updated. ~CB

socetew: That's actually a dragon from the Atari game "Adventure." Get it? They keep having different "dragons" appear from behind the mountains when you scroll over the menu buttons! (except for the "email" button)

actually, the email button says email on all main pages.-Crap

"Yeah i just wanna confirm that Kot answering machine thing, and it does say that, with a few other things." -SephirothBadRel