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== Info ==
Everybody loves the Homestar Runner. He is a terrific athlete. -The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Competition

A terrific athlete, Homestar is the star of the show, though getting pushed around a lot by Strong Bad. Ever the butt of jokes, Homestar is an earnest character with a clean heart and nothing but love for the rest of mankind. Unfortunately, his absolute cluelessness and clumsiness keep him from realizing his full potential. He often tricks people with his stupidity, namely Strong Bad. You can never be quite sure whether he and Marzipan are going out or not, but he sure seems to think they are.
His Halloween costumes over the years have been Kurt Cobain, The Greatest American Hero, Angus Young, and John McEnroe.

(Check out some photos of Homestar Runner)?


== Greeting from Character Video ==
Page Title: Homerun Hitter!

Homestar Runner: Oh, hello. Greetings, one and everyone. Welcome to me... Homestar... Runner... Homestar Runner. Um... what else? I pretty much run the show around here. I date the only girl, I have the only propeller cap. And can run, and jump, and kick the fastest, highest and like nobody's business. If I had to pick one word to describe myself, it would probably be...Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. Or Homestar. Either one, really. They both fit.
Strong Bad: Don't forget doofus/moron/um...Lionel Richie.
Homestar: Yeah, that too. That's another good one. In closing, I look good in red. Check it out. {turns around, sings} Butt dance, butt da-a-ance!

[Watch his Character Tape]

== Complete Filmography ==
Debut: "The Homestar Runner Enters The Strongest Man in the World Contest"
Marshmallow's Last Stand
The King of Town DVD
In Search Of The Yello Dello DVD
The Reddest Radish
Thing in a Bag
In da Basement
Homestarloween Party
A Holiday Greeting
Mother's day
The House that Gave Sucky Treats
The Best Decemberween Ever
Superbowl Dealie
Some Stupid Turkey
Pumpkin Carve-nival
A Decemberween Pageant
Three Times Halloween Funjob
A Jorb Well Done
The Luau
Where's The Cheat?
The System Is Down
Meet Marshie!
The Interview
Fluffy Puff Commercial
Puppet Thing
Theme Song Video
First Time Here?
Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Cheat Commandos
Puppet Jam (As "Homeslice")
Puppet Jam 2 (As "Homeslice")
Puppet Jam 3 (As "Homeslice")
All MarzipansAnsweringMachines
StrongBadEmail/pom pom
StrongBadEmail/dangeresque 3
StrongBadEmail/theme park
StrongBadEmail/lunch special (voice only, in an easter egg)
StrongBadEmail/different town
StrongBadEmail/stupid stuff
StrongBadEmail/the bet
StrongBadEmail/kind of cool
StrongBadEmail/local news
StrongBadEmail/couch patch
StrongBadEmail/labor day
StrongBadEmail/stunt double
StrongBadEmail/the process
StrongBadEmail/2 emails
StrongBadEmail/big white face
StrongBadEmail/personal favorites
StrongBadEmail/the show
StrongBadEmail/monster truck
StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon
StrongBadEmail/50 emails
StrongBadEmail/your friends
StrongBadEmail/action figure
StrongBadEmail/1 step ahead
StrongBadEmail/super powers
StrongBadEmail/the bird