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Thu, 08 Apr 2004 08:32:26 . . . . FireBird

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Hi! You're lookin' (or KINDA lookin') at the Teen Girl Squad's #1 fan! I made this "I'm learning Paint Shop" photo!

Forever ugly!

So anyways, put what you want to say under the nice dotted and enjoy!

Science!! AgentSeethroo

The picture below has nothing to do with fhqwhgads. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Nope..your right, it doesnt.-PirateChki

I deleted it. - Diva840




My Story
My username comes from my neopets username (Diva840).

I don't supply my age for secerity reasons and I misspell alot.

My favorite movies were The School of Rock and Hidalgo. (Viggo Mortensen is really really really really cute!!!)

ohh yes!! Yes he is!-PirateChki

School of Rock was great, and Hidalgo was ok. Yeah. - FireBird